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Welcome to my site! I am a non-fiction writer with a professional background in psychology and medical social work, and a life-long interest in the human side of psi experiences.

I have written a book about premontions that explores how we can make sense of such an unusual moment, and how we can keep it as one part of our daily lives.

I am hoping this becomes a place where we can share stories of the odd, delightful, occasionally frightening, mysterious moments that too often float by us unappreciated. I believe we can look at these moments without doing ourselves harm, and I believe we can talk about them without losing our way.


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  1. I love your new blog site. I’m looking forward to reading what people have to share about their own experiences. I’m having a lovely time with the new book….It brings memories of premonitions in my past. It’s nice to know one is not crazy after all! Keep it up. Sincerely, Judy Callahan, Seattle, WA

  2. 11 July 2013

    To: Jeanne Van Bronkhorst

    website: https://jeannevanbronkhorst.com/

    As it stands I have not read read your book but I did see one in a bookstore in South Africa today. I wrote down your name and the title of the book you wrote and then searched for contact information about you on the internet and thus far have this, your blog page.

    I (Ziad Cassim) also reasearch premonition. I am a rationalist and I seek to enumerate premonition by reducing it to fundamental laws of nature and it so turns that i have come across the fundamental premise from which is borne, Karma (hindu philosophy), Qadr (Islamic) and Calvinism (Christianity).

    This note that I writing to you is a short note and right now could be thinking of hundreds things left out. True.

    I am going to now express some applicaions of this fundamental law and its diversity so that you can appreciate its universality.

    Traditional religious applications of the fundamental law of duality:

    1. existence of and correctness of belief in God.

    2. the law of Karma (related to Qadr and Calvinism)

    3. The illusion of reincarnation

    I have written and self published a set of documents concerning this fundamental law duality that explains predetermination. Premonition itself is a litle more complex. You see, there are 2 fundamental forces at play: Creativity and structure/orderliness. Creativity is traditionally known as the God power but without orderliness and structure creativity is a self consuming chaos, meaningless and continially destructive, even time is unsustainable. Premonition is a vision from inner striving – the creativity within you but all of it is ultimately within the framework fo the universe and the universe obeys the fundamental LAW of duality, which gives the universe structure and symmetry. Thus premonition can be enumerated.

    Now then to understand the enumeration of predetermination and premonition read the 4 documents in collection A on my scribd account. Go to: http://www.scribd.com/ziadcassim.

    There is no direct discussion of premonition in these documents but you will find important discussions of the laws that govern its manifestation and in particular the second document A2 (http://www.scribd.com/doc/75677997/A2-The-Matrix-Revealed) explains this using a very famous film franchise: The Matrix and beyond the Matrix i even show you how they used the same fundamental law of duality in V for Vendetta (also a film made by the Makers of the Matrix) and then its reappears in a more complex form in Cloud Atlas (also made by the Wachowski brothers, makers of the Matrix and V for Vendetta.)

    enjoy reading.


    Ziad Cassim

    profile at: http://www.scribd.com/ziadcassim

    • Thank you for your very interesting comment! I wrote Premonitions in Daily Life to encourage readers to trust their own sense of what these moments mean for them. My book focuses less on the theories of how premonitions work and more on how we all then live with the experience in daily life: how we trust them or not, who we tell about our experience, what we do in response to them.

      I think the various theories and conjectures as each grounded in our understanding of time, the creation of the universe, our purpose in life–our worldviews. In many scientific circles the question of premonitions remains stuck on whether or not they exist. Your theories seem more like a spiritual understanding than what I think of as rationalist/reductionistic worldview. So my questions to you: Have you had a premonition? How has your research helped you understand your own experience? What did you do with it?

      • Thanx for the response. I am very excited about the research that i do. I took to writing to you because like yourself i am very much concerned with the daily occurance of premonition and of how it operates in daily life. That is why i strongly recommend the Matrix films and to read how i have explained the relevant scenes in the Matrix films in document A2 that I mentioned earlier. They show in living examples the connectivity of premonition and duality and destiny.

        You did mention at the end of your comment that my theories read more like a spiritual understanding than a rationalistic/reductionist/scientific understanding. That is what i was afraid of. That, you, as a professional, might see it thus. in anticipation of this i put in the earlier statement “could be thinking of hundreds things left out. True.”. This blog post is too small to properly express myself more rationally, but i really am scientific and rational in my approach.

        As an example. I understand how to correlate the dualisitic fundamental law with symmetries and you might know then that in mathematics symmetry is worked out using group theory. So that’s an example. Ofcourse i express the reincarnation and existence of God because those are popular but there is so much more.

        Give it a try. Give the The Matrix and Cloud Atlas a try. Ask this one question? Why would they put a law of duality seemlessly scripted into V for Vendetta, which is not philosophical like the Matrix but a dystopian, political action thriller?

        As for personal experience…
        I strongly believe that each soul is a creative engine. I do like the law of attraction but i apply it in a very structured way. Premonition is the vision of my deeeper inner striving and inner striving is the inner yearning, wishing and creating.

        I have a dream diary and i have noticed many dreams that come true. I can also show how sometimes the number 40 runs through certain dreams. One of my most fascinating dream experiences was a split dream. That is to say it was sourced in one vision or one premonition but the actual dreaming was in two. By this i mean that the second dream continued at just the place the first dream ended it and the date of the second dream was 119 days after the first dream. 119 + 1 = 120 and 120 is 40 times 3.

        Bear in mind that this blog is limited space. I am just giving this one example using the number 40. I have noted many more in my personal diary.

        In short we see as much as we strive within ourselves. To reference the Matrix films listen closely to the speech of the Oracle. She says: “You cannot see beyond a choice you do not understand.”

        I have also researched Jung’s synchronicity and I find that he was onto something very real. Synchronicity could be a composite phenomenon of a combination of more profound fundamental forces at play. Sychronicity is a kind of premonition and it is possibly that synchronicity is at a crossroads between the law of duality and the law of attraction.

        In atempting to answer your questions at the end i can say that my research has given me a solid grounding in the realism of premonition.

        The outstanding questions in my mind concerns the weight of fate. What should People focus on more. Their choices or their destiny? To assert will or to surrender to destiny/causality? In this i have accepted both. I do choose. I do will but i also accept that existentially i am not absolutely independent. My choices are dependent on earlier choices of other beings. So i also surrender to cuasality and to the only being that enjoys absolute independence and Uniqueness – The One God.

  3. I hear you about the limited space. So I will comment just on your last question of free will or destiny. It’s a profound question, and I think has been one human beings have wrestled with since the beginning of human reflection. I talk about it in my book as well: premonitions often push us to think about whether we can change what we have seen. I, too, come back to a middle ground: we do have choice, but we also have our inevitable human limitations. Good luck in all your searches and investigations!

    • And you, Jeanne, are doing a very brave effort to bring this topic to the fore. Premonition is very powerful and, in daily life, if pursued dilligently, can have a very profound effect on society. Its a NOT a fringe topic. Premonition is most definately NOT a wacky phenomenon. It is messages from ourselves and from the connectivity we share with each other and with nature (the rest of the universe included.). And if we refuse to listen to our own selves, our own inner strivings then we losing ourselves. Once again Brave effort in the deep jungle of the psyche.

  4. as I said when we met – meeting you was the best part of the health show – about to dive into your book. My husband does not remember his dreams – he wakes up with a knowing at times – few nights ago – the death of a friend – and it happened. He does not get upset. I get really really upset – I get the info a few weeks ahead of time. .

    • I am so glad to hear I could help! Dreams about someone else’s death can be frightening for a number of reasons. I’ve found peace in knowing I am not causing the harm I see in the dream, and that I do not become responsible to change every event I dream about. There is more about this in my book–chapter 8. Good luck to you! And let me know how you are faring.

  5. Hello Jeanne! You visited me in a dream a few nights ago, and I can’t remember what you said but you were definitely trying to connect. So I went searching for you online. The last time I search – apparently prior to your book being published! – I couldn’t find anything. I’m so glad I found you! I can’t wait to reconnect, and to read your book. Love, Sue http://susantblake.com

  6. I very much like your Llewellyn article, 5 ways Dreams can help at end of life. I am Llewellyn author (Astrology books). Your article touched my soul!

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