photo of author Jeanne Van Bronkhorst
Photo by Lisa Mininni

Jeanne Van Bronkhorst is the author of

Dreams at the Threshold: Comfort, Guidance, and Healing at the End of Life, and

Premonitions in Daily Life: Working with Spontaneous Information When Rational Understanding Fails You.

She has graduate degrees in clinical psychology and social work. For twenty years she worked with people facing life-threatening illness, and embraced the meaningful, emotionally challenging work of hospice care. This work gave her daily lessons in the complex nature of love and how that love, along with courage and hope, endures in the midst of profound loss. She continues to volunteer with local hospices, and trains hospice volunteers in grief and bereavement issues.

She has a lifelong interest in dreams, both the ordinary ones that linger only a few minutes each morning, and the extraordinary dreams that remain vibrant through a lifetime. Several years ago she merged this interest with her hospice work and discovered the power of dreams to support, comfort, and guide people through life’s end.

She has been writing and thinking about dreams at the end of life ever since.

She is an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and is a frequent presenter at its annual conferences.

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