Premonitions in Daily Life

Book One CoverPremonitions in Daily Life: Working With Spontaneous Information When Rational Understanding Fails You

While the generally accepted definition of premonitions involves dark warnings or visions of terrible events to come, the truth is most premonitions are about the ordinary moments in daily life. They can occur in a variety of ways, from sudden and intense apprehension to the subtle whisper of intuition.

Premonitions in Daily Life is the only book that investigates the deeper meanings behind premonitions. Most similar titles begin and end with the question of whether or not they exist, and never explore the important concerns: What do premonitions say about me? How do I respond? How do I make sense of premonitions when my culture doesn’t believe in them?

This in-depth, three-part guide shows how to identify premonitions in your life, demystifies the assumptions and fears about them, and thoroughly demonstrates how to respond with common sense and without challenging your beliefs.

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6 comments on “Premonitions in Daily Life

  1. Your book Premonitions in Daily Life came at just the right time for me! I was struggling with guilt over visions I have had. I have been searching for another person with whom I can discuss this phenomenon called precognition, and get answers. This book has set my mind at ease. Oh thank you, thank you for writing it!

    • I am so glad you found it! And I am glad it helps you find a better language for your experience. Guilt is a natural response to not being able to change the future event we see. It helps us try again, but sometimes we use guilt to punish ourselves for no good reason. Be gentle with yourself. The next step to finding community is to talk about premonitions with the people you trust. You can start by talking about the book if you don’t want to tell them about your own experience. I think you will be surprised by how many have had their own experience or know someone else who has had a premonition. Good luck! And let me know how it goes!

    • Jeanne:ive recently come across your book,”dreams at the threshold.i find your work to be fascinating and intriuging.Im curious as to your beliefs on Premonitions.Your book on premonitions in Daily Life as well.I find myself having reccurring dreams.Some are very peaceful dreams,while others are very disturbing.Based on my own experinces with dreams,I think your have a rewarding job of interpreting them for loved ones.

      • I’m glad you like the books and hope you find something useful in them. Premonitions can be about frightening events or they can be about the smallest moments imaginable. I don’t know why premonitions are like this, but I have learned to appreciate their beauty and mystery. I like my job, thank you, but I don’t interpret other people’s dreams. I try to listen with respect and help people find their own meanings. Dreams are like emotions–they belong to the person who is having them. Good luck with your own–it sounds like you have a quite active relationship with your dreams, and I wish you the best in keeping them strong allies.

  2. I met you at the Ontario Writers Conference and bought your book, “Premonitions in Daily Life”. You asked me if I had premonitions and I think I didn’t answer you very well. I love your book and have passed it on to my daughter who is enjoying it. My friend, RoseAnn and I have talked about how wonderful it was that we had lunch with you that day. Hope we can get together again sometime.

    • Hello!

      I’ve been away and just found your comment. I had a great time with you as well, and am glad you are liking the book. The conference gave me a lot to think about. I came home inspired by it all! I will contact you again when I get home.

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