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When I was a young girl I had three important goals for my life: I wanted to be famous singer–famous enough to bring the Beatles back together. I wanted to become a counselor, helping other people hear and appreciate their own life stories. And I wanted to write–to figure out what my own life story was all about.

I began having strong dreams and premonitions when I was still a little girl, which brought with them endless questions: How far does the human mind reach into the world? How can Free Will co-exist with premonitions? What is time? What happens after we die? Why do we live if we know death is inevitable?

I found my three trusted sources for answers stumbled heavily when it came to my questions. My parents didn’t think I was ready to be asking these questions, and I couldn’t find a scientific or religious answer that fit with my experience. I studied the humanities in high school and took a lot of comfort when I discovered how old my questions were and how many people over the centuries have struggled, as I do, to find answers that made sense.

I studied music in college and for twenty years I sang in churches and community choirs. I never did reunite the Beatles, but I loved joining with others to make a sound that was bigger than all of us. In graduate school I studied psychology and then later social work. Until a few years ago I worked with people facing life-threatening illness, listening and helping them find their own answers to life’s big questions.

Now I am writing it all down: premonitions, dreams, healthcare, grief and resilience, and the enduring mysteries that linger around the edges of our lives. I am hoping this blog will have room for all our stories and our best guesses at what the experiences mean for us.

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