Premonitions and Precognition

Who has premonitions?

Research has shown premonitions can happen o anyone: men and women, children and adults, scientists and artists, waiters, farmers, police officers, nurses and teachers, business consultants. Premonitions can happen to anyone, regardless of their personal comfort with them. Most people I know can tell at lest one story of a moment in which someone—maybe a […]

The problem with premonitions

The problem with premonitions is not their rarity. Research has shown premonition can happen to anyone: men and women, scientists and artists, nurses and business consultants, teachers and engineers. Most people I know can tell at least one story of a moment in which someone—maybe a friend, maybe themselves—seemed to know what was going to […]

How do you know it’s a premonition?

Premonitions come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a sudden hunch, a rising uneasiness, or something as startling as a vision or a voice in your head. They can warn you away from danger or tease you with a glimpse of tomorrow’s hairstyle. Here are five common markers for a waking premonition that […]

Have you had a premonition?

“I knew this was going to happen! How did I know that?!” Nearly every story of a premonitions includes these two exclamations. A complete certainty that the event before us is not new but instead more like a re-run, a repeating of something we have already seen, or felt, or imagined, or thought.  We wonder […]