Have you had a premonition?

“I knew this was going to happen! How did I know that?!”

Nearly every story of a premonitions includes these two exclamations. A complete certainty that the event before us is not new but instead more like a re-run, a repeating of something we have already seen, or felt, or imagined, or thought.  We wonder how such a thing could be possible, especially those of us living in the middle of a culture that remains firm in the conviction that such moments cannot be what they seem.

What are premonitions? If you are looking for a scientific explanation you might be out of luck. Researchers are still at the beginning, arguing about whether or not premonitions exist. I have a few links to researchers and organizations, but they all come with their critics and detractors. The argument is far from settled.

But if you are looking for an explanation you can live with, an explanation to help you settle back into daily life, then this might be the place for you.

There are almost as many explanations and reasons for premonitions as there are people who have them, because at their core premonitions are a human event. They are subjective and fluid, just as our lives are subjective and fluid. What a premonition means depends on just who is having the premonition and about what kind of event is being seen (or thought or felt or imagined). Premonitions are more like emotions. We don’t look to science to validate emotions are real, we just get on with feeling them, figuring them out through stories, songs, poetry, movies. We all know that what love is depends on just who is loving what (or whom).

I hope we can share our stories here, along with the explanations we each like best.

8 comments on “Have you had a premonition?

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I still can’t find you on Facebook! Wanted to tell you I’m reading your book (am in the second section). I like it a lot, and I think your approach is wonderful, readable, different than other books on the subject. I’m glad you got Larry Dossey’s endorsement. Your book covers unique territory.

  2. Judy! So glad to see you here, and I will look for you on Facebook. I’m glad you like the book–it was a pleasure to write (most of the time, anyway). It is a new/old view, isn’t it? I’ve stepped out of the scientific debate and focused instead on how we make sense of them in daily life, in our own time, according to our own values. Like we do for every other subjective human experience!

  3. I need to speak you, I only do email and phone.

  4. Upon my retirement this April, I want to explore my childhood experiences of ESP, which I believe are rooted in dreams. I used to meditate as a child and visions would appear that later played out in detail. I came to know that there was more to life as I experienced each day. There was more going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. I want to reconnect with that part of myself again before I leave this earth. Do u have any suggestions on how to do so?

    • Hello Laurelee,

      There are many ways to study premonitions and dreams, all depending on how you see the world. Check out my Reading on/Links for a start. If you are seeking spiritual understanding of dreams, Jung’s classic “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” is a good start. Robert Moss writes of shamanic dreaming, and Jeremy Taylor has a book that brings dream work to people who want to explore on their own.

      The International Association for the Study of Dreams bridges science and spirituality–researchers, clinicians, dream workers, and shamans all gather to share their insights. Their website offers members a way to connect with other dreamers in their area, as well as online with people from around the world.

      Good luck!

      • I forgot to tell u that I really enjoy your new book. It is written in laymans terms and it doesn’t flinch from telling it the way it is. Thanks for your answer to my questions. Very much appreciated.

        I have a great respect for Jung. I’ve read Robert moss and other like minded people. I suppose I need to get back into the frame mind again through meditation.

        I would like to share an episode in my life that I have told to very few like minded individuals.

        In my 20th year I had a premonition that my sister was in extreme danger. I had a knowing that she would be harmed. I begged her to come with me on my trip. But she declined as she wanted to start a new job. I was scared to leave but I did leave for Vancouver shortly after. After I had been in Vancouver for approx a week I got the 3:00 in the morning phone call. My sister was on death’s door. No hope to live. But she did survive with brain damage which affected her motor skills. I often wonder why I was given that message. I finally came to the conclusion that it was god speaking to me as in giving me a heads up. I still find this capability mind blowing. My mom just recently passed over and I hope she finds the peace that she needed.

      • Thank you for telling your story. It can be heartbreaking when we can’t protect the people we love, especially when we don’t know what the danger is or how best to advise them. It sounds like you did your very best for your sister, given what you knew. I like the idea of it being a heads-up type warning from God as well, that no matter how frightening the event, the warning came for your benefit.

        And I’m glad you liked the book! I am working on a second book now, about how dreams can help us at the end of life, from preparing those who are dying to providing comfort for the grieving. It should be on shelves Spring of 2015.

        take care,

      • for some time before my mom passed away on January 22, 2014, she would share her dreams with me. I think it helped her. Thanks and good luck on the new book. I can hardly wait to get it…

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