My new book is almost here!

I am pleased to announce my new book, Dreams at the Threshold: Guidance, Comfort, and Healing at the End of Life will be available in July 2015 by Llewellyn Worldwide. You can order it through, or Llewellyn Publications.

Dreams at the Threshold explores how dreams can help all people who must face the end of life, whether it be their own or that of someone they love. It is based on my years of working with people in hospice care, the research literature, and interviews I conducted with other hospice professionals who ask about dreams in their work.

Something almost miraculous happens when we ask about dreams at the end of life. Dreams can bring comfort or challenge, but most often dreams help people find hope and courage in the most frightening moments they will ever face.

Dreams can help people begin important but difficult conversations with loved ones. Dreams of deceased beloved family members bring comfort and help prepare the dreamer (and all who listen) for the next great leap into a mystery no one can fully comprehend. Dreams help families and caregivers prepare for a loss by imagining their own future, and dreams comfort mourners with images of their deceased loved ones. Sometime dreams remind people of past regrets, hurts, or traumatic events, but even these come with hope for reconciliation.

One simple invitation to talk about dreams helps dreamers strengthen the bond they have with their inner lives. Asking about dreams engages us as human beings, facing together the biggest questions of life and death.

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