Basic Dream Appreciation for a Busy Life

Dream appreciation doesn’t have to wait for the end of life.

Too often we have been taught to see dreams as either nonsense, or as too deep to explore without a lot of education or a trained guide. I think most dreams lie somewhere in between these extremes. Many dreams relate directly to our lives, which makes them both meaningful and fairly easy to gain insight from.

When you remember a dream, ask yourself three quick questions: What was the dream? How did you feel in the dream? What does it remind you of? Within a couple of minutes you can draw together the dream images, your emotional response to the dream, and how it all relates to your waking life.

In this way your focus moves from the dream to daily life, allowing your dream to take its place as one important or consistent source of insight for you.

If the dream makes no sense, you are under no obligation to force sense onto it. You can explore the images, or you can simply throw it out and wait for the next one.

Want to learn more? Dreams at the End of Life can be found at, or Llewellyn Publications.

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